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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

3/22/2005 - Scoutmaster Corbett Completes Wood Badge Requirements

Mr. Corbett received his Wood Badge recognition from his Wood Badge Scoutmaster. The Wood Badge award includes the Neckerchief, "Woggle" (the slide), the leather thong with 2 wooden beads, and the plaque. Wood Badge typically takes about 2 years to complete, since it involves ongoing service to Scouting and the community.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

3/18/2005 - Springer Mt to Three Forks on the AT in GA

Scouts: Brian Corbett
Scouters: Paul Fitzner, Rick Farber, John Hall, Robert Orrand and Pete Corbett

Mr Fitzner had advised us that the trail might be a little crowded as the start of the “Through Hiker” season for the AT was in high gear. He was right, however it provided lots of conversation with folks along the trail and hopes for their success if not to make it all the way to Maine but to enjoy the time they have while on the trail.

Mr. Orrand drove all the way from Mississippi to join us and it is always entertaining to hear him and Mr. Farber banter throughout the weekend. Mr Orrand, Mr Hall and Mr Farber and Mr Fitzner currently have no scouts in the troop yet they give of their time consistently and unselfishly to the program. We are very fortunate to have past leaders of our troop continued to return and spend their time to help build scouts into our future leaders.

Mr Fitzner made a great fish Stroganoff for dinner and we enjoyed a cool night under a bright moon which made the evening as bright as day.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Scoutmaster Corbett

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Campout Philmont Training Standing Indian Campground to Standing Indian Mt along the Kimsey Creek and Lower Ridge Trail on the AT in GA

Scouts: Cameron Jensen, Nick Jensen, Max Francis, and Miles Gantt
Scouters: Chris Jensen, Pete Corbett, John Pelick and Terry Carpenter

Although this was not a Troop 772 outing it was attended in force by the crew preparing for their Philmont Trek. Our planned trek had an itinerary of over 80 miles , but with all the side hikes we were well over 100 miles for the week. This hike up the Standing Indian was an up however it did not hold a candle to the “UPS” and altitude in Philmont.

Mr. Pelick our “Leader in Charge” walked the scouts trough all the standard operating procedures for a trek at Philmont such as setting up the proper rain fly, to easily preparing one pot meals with as little fuel as possible, to thoroughly cleaning up and sanitizing our cooking utensils to avoid the dreaded trail virus!

Cameron our cook for the trek cooked us a great dinner of an actual Philmont meal that Mr. Pelick had ordered for us.

The evening was extremely windy on top of the mountain yet temperatures were mild.

The trip down was speedy so we enjoyed a hearty family style brunch at the Dillard House.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Scoutmaster Corbett