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Thursday, June 30, 2005

June 2005 - Philmont Crews

Scouts and scouters from Troop 772 participated in several Philmont crews this summer. These photos are from Mr. Corbett's crew. Troop 772 scouts pictured are Miles Gantt, Nick and Cameron Jensen, Max Francis, and Brian Corbett.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Troop 772 at Woodruff Summer Camp

Troop 772 at Woodruff Summer Camp:
Back Row: Jeremy Drennan, Brian Flamm, Don Gantt, Sam Francis, Alex Drennan, Ian Graessle;

Front Row: Sam Gantt, Peter McKenna, David Forman, Brennen Graessle, Alex Pirtle

Woodruff 2005 Posted by Picasa

Scouters: Don Gantt, Greta Gantt, Steve Busey, Eric Flamm

Drivers: (Sunday 6/12) - Pete Corbett, Don Gantt, Greta Gantt, Steve Busey and Judy Francis. Saturday 6/18 – Don Gantt, Greta Gantt, Steve Busey, Eric Flamm’s Car and Dan Forman.

- We had Campsite #13, great campsite…nice and cool.
- We scored 98 on the week long camp inspection!
- Mountain Man – 3 scouts & 3 merit badges each
- Four second year scouts rec’d 6 to 7 merit badges each
- U-zone – 4 scout & 1 merit badge each
- Kenny Busey rec’d 4 merit badges and received chaplain training
- Our troop has a total of 43 merit badges for the week
- We received the Honor Patrol.
- We received the Ranger Award
- Don Gantt received the Scout Master Merit Badge.
- Don Gantt won the SM Archery tournament. (scored 269 point out of 300)
- The 6:00am Polar bear swim was completed by Eric Flamm
- All the Scouts went fishing daily – Kenny Busey received the fishing merit Badge by cleaning, cooking, and eating a fish.
- We had Dutch oven apple cobbler and banana bread several nights.
- Eric & Jill Flamm went down the river with the first year scouts, Eric injured his knee.
- We had a great time!

This is our most favored trip of the year for the first year scouts. The boys start each day by meeting at the assembly area around 8:00am and they stay very busy all day…lights out by 10:00pm.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Don Gantt