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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backpacking to Three Forks

The Three Forks (July 16-18) campout was an adventure. We hiked around 12 miles going back and forth The troop also camped out 2 nights and had our picture taken on the starting point of the AT (Springer Mountain). The scouts that went on the campout were from Spartan patrol Ryan, Mike, Chris, John, Nathan, and Daniel. The scouts that came from Phoenix were Will, Patrick, Hank and Jakob. The scouts from Archer were Jeremiah, Jalil, Jeremy and Addison. The scouts from serpent were Aidan, Bryce, Matt and Jerry. The adults that went were Mr. Brown, Mr. Smith, Mr. Dinehart, Mr. Wright, Mr. K.C. Smith, Mr. White, and Mr.Farber.

We started out from the top of Springer Mountain and hiked down 1 mile to the parking lot to have breakfast. The troop spilt into two groups so we would not disturb as any other hikers. The troop met back together ½ mile from the campsite and ate lunch together. The next thing was set up our tent next to the creek that ran right next to our campsite. The new scouts had a section of their campsite to themselves which might not have been a good idea. They set up one dining fly that was one big piece of art. It would have been blown apart as soon as the rain hit but luckily no rain We all changed into bathing suits and made a massive dam that made a pool 4 feet deep. The troop played in the creek for upwards of 2 hours, so by dinner time we were all hungry.

The next day we packed up relatively quickly and left for the Benton MacKaye  trail which was more difficult but lower mileage. On the first 100 yards some scouts had trouble keeping up.. We took breaks every 100 feet for them to keep going and once they got there second wind they took off running.

All in all it was a very eventful weekend. The new scouts learned more basic camping skills and the older scouts learn a little bit of leadership skills. The troop also had a wonderful time on this campout.

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp was busy for the whole troop. We had 24 scouts attend Woodruff this past June with many adults along the way to help out. Many of the new scouts attended the Mountain Man Program. This is a key program for all first year scouts to get a good start on their road to Tenderfoot & First Class. Other activities attended were:

  • Water Sports - Scouts learned to Water Ski and Wake Boarding
  • Climbing - High, very high adventure with scouts scaling 50' walls, repelling down them and flying along a 100 yard Zip Line.
  • Cooking - Scouts learned how to cook a good meal, for both at Home or on the Trail.
  • Emergency Prep - Scouts learned how to prepare for the worst, and hope it never comes, but a MUST KNOW.
  • Rifle/Shotgun and Bow/Arrow - With the emphasis on safety, scouts learned how to use them all.
  • Rafting Trip down a river.
plus many many more activities, Woodruff offers them all.