Troop 772, Marietta, GA

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Troop Meeting February 9th

Today both the SPL Elections were held and the OA tap out ceremony took place. Aiden will be our next SPL (again)! In regards to the OA tap out, Michael 1.0, Westby Slade, and Peter Smith were all selected scouts. Mr. Edwards was the selected adult this year. We also recognized last years' scouts and adults. Aiden Dinehart, John Dinehart, and Eddie Carter were the three scouts chosen. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Smith were the adults chosen last year. Soon,  a new leadership positions will be chosen (unfortunately, that means that I can't be the webmaster any longer)! Make sure not to come to the meeting next week, because there will be no meeting during the winter break.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Troop Meeting February 2

Today the troop cast their votes on who should be elected into the Order of the Arrow. After that, Aidan Dinehart and Andre Edwards gave their SPL speeches. Next week is the OA tap out!

Alpha Wolves: 2
Falcons: 8
Burning Arrows: 4
Griffins: 2
Trolls: 5