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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


The 100k!

   Last week part of the troop went on a loop crossing along the Appalachian Trail on a trip titled, "THE 100K!" and was a tough hike even as ending with 70 miles and not the predicted 66. This trip required immense planning for food and other things with the need for angel services to deliver water and a supply drop to have extra food as this trip took the whole week. The troop spent time in shelters and in campsites. I guess you could say the trip was, "in-tents."
   Into the first days of the trip, it was hard and a few people were getting sick and vomiting. After that, it got a little better, but eventually the "family-bonding" began and everyone was having a great time. Day 4, Tuesday, was when Mr.Flam came along the ride for the night and brought delicious hamburgers for everyone. The week finished off with a fantastic lunch provided by Mrs. Cindy and delivered by Mr. Donley. After the lunch, the trip finished off with an extra few miles and some sweaty scouts.