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Monday, February 28, 2005

2/28/2005 - Woody Gap to Gooch Gap Backpacking

Woody Gap LandmarkRick Farber, Brian Corbett, Pete Corbett, Brian Flamm (photo credit: Eric Flamm)

Although we had a light turn out for this trip I must admit it was the most relaxing camping trip I can remember (at least for myself). Not to mention warm and dry weather!

Several of our 772 scouts including myself have been on training hikes in preparation for our planned trek to Philmont this summer. The protocol to get prepared for such a trip is consuming at best. Lots of details and concerns to prepare to make the trip not only a success but comfortable at the same time.

Our trip to Gooch Gap was just a great laid back time with seasoned scouts and scouters therefore no real pressure for a Scoutmaster. We had a bit of an up to get to our site , however past that the trail was like a city sidewalk. When we got to the camp site we quickly set up camp and our two scouts acted like old men and proceeded to take a long afternoon nap. I must admit I was jealous, however I was enjoying setting up my new tarp from Mr. Fitzner in a single man tent configuration and was admiring my work.

When the scouts awoke we went down to a great campsite we missed right at the edge of a babbling brook…oh well next time…and gathered water for dinner. The scouts made a great campfire which we enjoyed with Mr. Fitzner and his friend “Sarge” and two others just starting North on the 6 month odyssey to Maine.

In the morning the “Through Hikers” and Mr Fitzner got out of camp before we did and we followed after a simple but tasty breakfast. At Woody Gap we ran into a Venture Crew who just went up to Blood for the evening.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Scoutmaster Corbett

Eric, Brian F, Rick, Pete, Brian C.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

2/5/2005 - Vogel State Park/Blood Mountain Backpacking

Taylor Hall, Paul Fitzner, Jeremy Drennan, Martin Kaido, Peter McKenna, Nick Jensen, Brian Wright, Alex Smith, Rick Farber, Dave McKenna, Pete Corbett, John Hall (photo credit: Eric Flamm)

We took the Slaughter Creek Trail this year for our annual ascent coveted by the scouts each winter. We had a very comfortable lunch and made it to camp early Satuday. The scouts set up and took over the shelter and the leaders took the mile trip down the trail to fetch water for the evening where Mr. Wright tried out his new water purifier and Mr. Hall had some new fangled water tablets we tried out.

I watched Mr. Farber set up one of Mr. Fitzners new single wall tents and I remember worrying it may not make it through the night if we received heavy winds at times experienced in the winter. I must admit I was more worried I would feel guilty if I did not get out of my 0 degree bag to help Mr. Farber if I heard loud expletives in the late hours of the night.

Scouts and Scouters ate hearty meals and retired early, as far as I could tell but I was out like a light by 7PM.

We woke to a hard frost and a beautiful blue sky. Fixed a simple breakfast, had a very nice worship service by Chaplain's Aide Peter McKenna and worked our way down and actually ran into some slick ice and old snow along the way.

All in all a great first trip as Scoutmaster.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Scoutmaster Corbett

Friday, February 04, 2005

Troop 772 Earns District Honor Roll (Chicken Pin) 2 Years in a Row

2/4/2005-Foothills District Banquet

Assistant Scoutmaster Don Gantt receives the Medal of Merit from Cary Bradley, District Advancement Chairman. The award was presented by the Boy Scouts of America in recognition of Don's life-saving efforts during a critical situation in January 2004.