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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

4/26/2005 - Everett and Emery Smith Eagle Court of Honor

4 Eagle Scouts:
Baker Smith with sons Everett, Ellis, and Emery


Saturday, April 23, 2005

4/22/2005 - Spring Camporee at Jamison (Bert Adams)

Martin, Brian, Ram, Ian, Brennen, Peter

Scouts: Brian Corbett, Kenny Busey, Brian Flamm, Alex Smith, Ram Vedagiri, Brennen Graessle, Ian Graessle, Pete McKenna, and Martin Kaido
Scouters: John Hall, Paul Fitzner, Steve Busey, Eric Flamm, and Pete Corbett

The Spring Camporee at Bert Adams this year was sponsored by the Kenesaw Chapter of the Order of the Arrow. We arrived Friday evening and set up camp in the woods. Martin Kaido organized the scouts to build a great entrance by lashing several poles together and attaching our flags to the entrance. It looked great. The dining flys went up, food was put away and all were in bed in preparation for a busy day on Saturday.

Saturday breakfast was pancakes and the scouts actually cooked them all the way! Clean up was completed with minor moaning and groaning and we went to assembly in preparation for the day. The OA had 5 team building and skills training games set up that keep the scouts busy most of the day.

At the Saturday evening campfire, the OA "tapped out" its new members, including Brian Flamm and Mr. Fitzner. Brian Corbett donned Indian regalia to assist with the ceremony.

The evening activities included an outdoor movie with popcorn.

Sunday morning the OA performed a worship service at the edge of the lake. All in all a great council event.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Scoutmaster Corbett

Brian Corbett (Indian dress) escorts Brian Flamm during OA Callout ceremony.

I shot these photos with my camcorder, using the night shot feature for the OA ceremony - a very different effect! (EF)

Monday, April 11, 2005

4/9/2005 - SHOOTOUT!

Scouts: Peter McKenna, David Forman, Brennen Graessle, Ian Graessle, Jeremy Drennan, Alex Drennan, Brian Flamm, Ram Vedagiri, Alex Smith, Peter Gill, Brian Corbett, Everett Smith, Emery Smith, and Martin Kaido
Scouters: Rick Farber, Eric Flamm, Dan Forman, Don Gantt, Dave McKenna, Ed O'Brien, Sean O'Brien, Taylor Hall, James Long, Tim Holahan, Ellis Smith and Pete Corbett

To say this is our most favored trip of the year is an understatement. We have consistently had a great turn out of scouts and scouters. This year we needed to get 6 scouts qualified for Shotgun and Shooting Merit badges. We would not be able to achieve this feat if it were not for the use of the Gantt farm and the continued support of past troop scouters Ed and Sean O'Brien who help us run the event for the weekend.

We typically blast away more than 2200 rounds of shotgun ammunition and untold numbers of 22 shells for the weekend. At all times keeping safety our number one priority. If my memory serves me correctly all 6 scouts qualified on shotgun and two qualified on 22. This would not have happened if each one of those scouts did not diligently keep at it the entire weekend, and all of them had the bruises on their shoulders from the gun butts to prove it. The remainder of the scouts honed their shooting skills to unbelievable. Not many if any clay pigeons got past the older scouts Saturday afternoon and especially Sunday morning

The Scouts and Scouters always eat very well on this trip. The Golden Eagles, Roadkill and Silver Foxes impressed all the leaders with their skills of outdoor meal planning and cooking.

This year the heat stayed at bay but the whippoorwill keep us company from sundown to sunup! Sunday morning we blasted away some more, cleaned up the field of all the clay pigeons and shells, had a nice worship service and made it back to the ATL before mid afternoon.

Great weather, Great fellowship, Great scouting.

Scoutmaster Corbett

Mr. O'Brien explains the structure of a shotgun
shell to an interested audience.
All quiet on the range during the safety briefing