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Monday, March 21, 2011

Greetings from Andersonville

The Troop went down to South Georgia during the weekend of March 18th for a great weekend of camping and to visit Andersonville National site. This is the home of the National POW Museum and also the site of the infamous Civil War Prison Camp, Camp Sumter.

We had perfect weather and were able to camp just off the park grounds. The site was primitive, but was one of the best camp sites we have seen in a long time. We spent most of Saturday visiting the Museum, which really made us all think about how people treat people during time of war. It sure made us all proud of where we live and the sacrifice made by others. We also had a great game of capture the flag.

The mock-up of the Prison Camp also made us realize just how bad things were during the Civil War and how POW’s were treated. All in all, we walked away having a great experience and Andersonville is on our list to do again in a few years.

Mr. Kolakowski's Group Photos

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