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Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 2012 camp-out/cook-off

20-22 January

Campout at Allatoona Aquatics Base was great, even though it rained a lot. The highlight was the Ramen Noodle Cook-off. Final standings, the winner was the Phoenix Patrol’s Texas Chili Ramen. 2nd Place was the Archers’ Too Fly Fire Bird dish with spicy chicken. 3rd place was Mr. Brown’s Marietta Cattle Ramen.

The ramen noodle dishes were good except for Wing-chang-ching-chong by the Spartan Patrol. It rightly deserved last place and earned “would not be eaten by Bear Grills even for survival” rating on taste. Let’s just say it smelled like medicine. The competition was fun, each patrols dish was unique. It was cool.

We took a 3 mile hike and really liked making “king tree stump” at the beach. King tree stump’s crown was an old tire with a tree branch sticking out the top. That evening we had a campfire and celebrated Daniel’s 16th birthday with cake. Daniel also became a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster! It was the best campfire ever! We really need to think of another campout there in the summer.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vogel State Park Campout

Over the weekend, we adventured into Vogel State Park. A group of primarily younger scouts went a total of 16 miles, while the Philmont-bound scouts hiked a more mountainous 13 miles. the weather was most noticeably windy. The temperature dropped below freezing, proved by a frozen water bottle. A scout has said that, "It really opened the Philmont-bound scouts' eyes to how much we had to prepare." Beside the windy and cold weather, and mountainous trail for the Philmont-bound scouts, the campout was eye-opening and the food wasn't half bad.