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Sunday, September 30, 2012

PLC Meeting Results

During the last PLC meeting (September 30, 2012), the Scouts discussed the future outings they would like to go on. Please note, these are not set in stone, merely ideas that sounded good on the time.

October: In October, we will be traveling to Bert Adams, where we will host a archery-shootout. Anyone is welcome to join us; Also Weblos and their parents can come for free. We will also attempt to complete the Archery Merit-Badge. Hope to see you there! :)

November: This will be a rather easy hike; Spring Mountain to Three-Forks (AT Trail). It should be fun for the younger Scouts and a good trail to develop Troop skills. Again, Weblos are welcome to join us. More details to come :)

December: This will be a difficult hike for younger hikers though anyone can accompany us as we take on Blood Mountain. The date has been set for the 14-16. We hope this will not conflict with any Holiday 'errands'/activities. More details to come :)

January: This should be fun for Scouts of all ages, or Weblos if they wish to come. We will be going up to Lake Allatoona, where we will be rowing, canoeing, and fishing if one so desires. There is no date of now, more details to come :)

February: Okefenokee!!  For a long time, Scouts have been asking to travel down to Florida, and now we are. However, you must be a Swimmer and have the canoeing merit badge (subject to change). Date is in the planning, more details to come. Looking forward to it :)

March: The month of the crossover. All Scouts are asked to attend to welcome the new Scouts. Also, that month we will be doing the Pine Mountain trail. Moderately easy  as long as it's not your first hike :) More details to come.

April: Are annual shoot-out. More details to come

May: Bert Adams is hosting a Campout of the NEXT Century. If you were here a few years back, you'll remember the Campout of the Century. They will be very similar. More details coming, hope to see you there :)

Also, we discussed are themes for the future months.

October- Archery
November- Fire Starting

More to come

~~  Patrick Dinehart

Thursday, September 27, 2012

PLC Meeting

To those on PLC, we will be having our first meeting this Saturday, the 30th. Plan on being there from 2-4 (PM :)

       Patrick Dinehart (SPL)

Russel Cave Trip

Throughout September 21-23, a group of Scouts went to Alabama. While their, Scouts participated in the Indian Lore Merit Badge, threw Atlatls, shot the Bow'n'Arrow, and had an all around good time. We even managed to do a Good Turn Daily; The Scouts and Adults cleared 50 yards of bad trail and took turns using "heavy equipment". To sum it up, we had a campfire where we roasted Oreo's.  Among the Scouts there were:

Patrick D
Aidan D
Jon D
Jeremy S
Hunter N
Eddie C
Hank M
James B
Jacob J
Dylan G

Mr.Farber (Tortilla) *cough..cough*

Your replacement WebMaster,
                         Patrick Dinehart