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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 - Bert Adams

Summer Camp 2015
Group photo
Our group of younger Scouts have come back from summer camp! We all had lots of fun at Bert Adams this year. The First Years have gotten "Rawhide" (Woodruff's "Mountain Man" equivalent) and are much closer to their next ranks. Everyone else achieved many other Merrit Badges. Bikes were a big hit, many of us took them for a ride throughout camp. Candy and slushies were also enjoyed durring the week. A Troop and some staff joined us for our Cracker Barrel on Thrusday. Friday was the last day of full camp. Everyone was glad to finnish Merrit Badges. The adults (Ms. Kerr and Mrs. Smith) played in the ScoutMaster's Golf Tournament at Bert Adams "Old Course" with their hand made golf clubs. The closing campfire and Camp Wide Games were both held. Not everyone participated in the Camp Wide Games. Those who went played Ultimate Frisbee and many other activities on skills every Scout should know. Everyone had fun at the campfire. Our Troop's skit was about some scouts sitting around a fire, when the fire (three scouts) burst out of control and tackled everone. We packed up and left on saturday.

Michael 2.0 and Aaron at Archery
The ScoutMaster's Golf Tourney
Rawhide group