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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Troop Meeting January 12th

Today we had Aidan and Chris give us a great presentation on cold weather safety (what to wear, etc.)! After that, we decided on what would be eaten during the Blood Mountain backpacking trip.

Congratulations to Ricky Raschke on winning the raffle!


Alpha Wolves: Justin Kerr, Shep Worden, Michael 3.0, and Egan Donley
Falcons: Ian Jewell, Kalen Henry, Aaron Mullally, Ricky Raschke, Michael Kerr, Evan Brewer, and Connor Buckalew.
Burning Arrows: Nicholas Taylor, Jon Dinehart, and Jack Casey
Griffins: Andrei Edwards
Trolls: Chris, Aidan Dinehart, and Eddie Carter



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