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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Troop Meeting January 5th (2016!)

Today was the first troop meeting of 2016! Hooray! In preparation for this month's upcoming campout, Aiden, Mason, and Jeremy led a presentation on cold weather safety. At the end of the meeting, there was a raffle. Westby Slade won a tee-shirt with the old design!


Alpha Wolves: Michael Mercer, Aaron Ward, Shep, and Justin
Falcons: Aaron Mullally, Evan, Michael 2, Peter S, Ricky Raschke, Michel 1, Westby Slade, Kalen Henry, and Ian Jewell
Burning Arrows: Nicholas Taylor, Jon Dinehart, Caden, and Jack Casey
Trolls: Jeremy Smith, Aiden Dinehart

Adults: Ms. Kerr, Mrs. Jewell, Dr. Carter, Mr. Mullally, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Smith, Mr. Flamm, Mr. Farber, Mr. Slade, Mr. Ward, Mr. Raschke, Mr. Hall, and Mr. Patrick Dinehart.



At 1/05/2016 10:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ooooopaaaaloooopaa, congratulations on your victory tonight.

This post is just to recap on the game and skills taught tonight. Each team was given the same items:

•3 shirts
•2 socks
•1 towel
•1 pair of shorts
•1 sleeping bag

Jeremy of the Ooooopaaaaloooopaa patrol was then wrapped--the shirts covered his upper torso to provide warmth. The towel was placed under his head to retain heat while also elevating his head (which forces blood via gravity to flow to the chest). The shorts and socks attempted to cover his lower body but unfortunately due to rain, one sock was thoroughly wet. Concluding this placement of clothing, Jeremy of the Ooooopaaaaloooopaa patrol was encased in the sleeping bag.

To move the victim (for the game), a simple fire rescue drag was used.

In real life, the scouts would make something like this to escort the victim out.



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