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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Coosa Backcountry Campout

Over the weekend a small group of scouts went on a beautiful backpacking trip, and, according to Patrick, a great kayaking trip! We hiked six miles both Saturday and Sunday morning. There was lots of uphill and downhill throughout the hike. There was lots of time to relax Saturday afternoon. The Philmont meals were delicious, just as soon as the stoves would work! Everyone woke up early Sunday morning to hike back to the vehicles. Everyone had a great time.

Please post a photo to the Yahoo Group, or send a photo of the ca
mpout to me!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Troop Meeting October 20th

Tonight the troop went over the upcoming camping trips by preparing the menu (for Beech Bottom) and pack-checks (also for Beech Bottom). Those who were not going on Beech Bottom did a Troop Mobilization activity.

Webelos: Michael
Alpha Wolves: Egan Donley, Noah Blair, Daniel Bowen, Shep Warden, Aaron Ward and Justin Kerr
Falcons: Kalen H, Peter Smith, Evan B, Michael 2.0, Aaron Mullally, Westby Slade, Michael 1.0, and Ricky Raschky
Burning Arrows: John Dinehart and Jack Casey
Griffins: Andrei Edwards, Eddie Carter, and Davis Miller
Trolls: Jeremiah Menzies, Jared Okane, Aiden Dinehart, Jeremy Smith, Adison Brown, and Mason F.
Phoenix: Will White and Patrick Dinehart


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Troop Meeting October 6th

    Tonight we went over preparations for Webelos visiting the troop next week (make sure to come early next week!!). Every patrol was responsible for creating a menu, which they would cook next week. The Webelos had to be included in the cooking process. We finished the meeting by practicing our "Game with a Purpose."

Falcons: Michael 1.0, Westby, Peter, Ricky, and Aaron.
Alpha Wolves: Shep and Egan
Burning Arrows: John and Caden
Griffins: Andrei and Jacob Jeffords
Phoenix: Patrick
Trolls: Jeremiah and Aiden

Falcons had the highest attendance once again!